Join the Pillow Fight Round 2


Join the Pillow Fight Round 2

Recently, I’ve joined Ohh Deer competition. They are looking for new fresh, creative contributor. The most fun part is there are no specific theme but so long as the content must fit in to contemporary art. At first, I thought I might wasting time drawing while looking hundreds of participants’ awesome & creative designs. Well, I enjoy it just to look at my art work on the site hahahaha.


Malaysia wild life animal in illustration


perhilitan wwf group

During internship with Pikaland, I was asked to collaborate with Perhilitan as they needed illustration visuals to promote their campaign. Not my favourite result, although they still used it. It is time that I have to start focusing on my traditional medium style.

giant shoftshell turtle malayan pangolin malayan peacock peashant pymy tarsier reticulated python sumatran rhino tapirs perhilitan wwf side view banner perhilitan wwf sketch layout3Sketches on board, I have created few layouts design too.

Progress of illustration for Pikaland’s online class


So here is the coloured version of sketches. A lot of style going on and I’m satisfied with the final result, appreciate a lot hohoho. If you are interested or looking for online illustration classes check out for more information. It’s going to be fun!! As you can see there’s 9 sketches, the last image doesn’t mean final result, stay tune for my final result illustration.

1st colour sketch
2nd colour sketch

3rd colour sketch

4th colour sketch

5th colour sketch

6th colour sketch

7th colour sketch

8th colour sketch

9th colour sketch

This is what I am doing right now


What I do? let me show you. Summary of the whole story, I’m having internship with Amy at Pikaland. I’m helping her to illustrate the upcoming online class and here are the sketches.

1st sketch      2nd sketch
Ps: I use my laptop to took the picture 😛 Lazy me hahaha…